Posted by: sandra | October 30, 2010


Saturday at the quilt show started off with our first trip to Starbucks, look at the line!  They had eight people working behind the counter…Do you notice the ATM machine right next to Starbucks…

Holly, Sue and I were involved in making a booth for Marianne Fons and Quilts of Valor.  Below are several shots of the booth.  Much time will be spent in the booth over the next couple of days promoting the news American Valor Fabrics.  (Many more details on this promotion to come.)

Another view…

And another.

Here is Marcie, from Patchalot patterns (otherwise known as ‘our own Marcie’), and her friend Joan, starting to set up their booth.

And here is the booth after a day of set up.  Good luck Marcie!

Sue and I spent the day jumping between the Quilts of Valor booth, Marcies booth and mostly shopping for the store.  We spent the morning with Moda, ordering all kinds of yummy fabrics!  For those who were asking about Blackbird Designs…(don’t tell Holly but we ordered the 40 bolt collection).  All the fabrics we saw today are set to be delivered in February, March and April. Again, more details on Moda in a future post.

We saw most of the booths briefly, but will spend the next couple of days getting a better look and buying!

At the end of the night we went to Minute Maid Park for the Moda dinner.  How’s this for a great view for a party?

On the walk back to the hotel we came across a huge Halloween costume party in the park.  What a great event!  The park was filled with families, young couples, teenagers and dogs.  All dressed up for Halloween.  You could buy a snow cone or a beer.  Lots of games, food and a costume competition.

Somehow, I can’t imagine my husband dressing up as Fred and going downtown…

Cat in the hat, and thing one and thing two remind me…the Dr. Suess fabric arrived in the store a couple of days ago!  About a dozen bolts.  The colors are soooo perfect, it really turned out nice!

Well, back to work, getting ready for another full day.

Later, Sandra



  1. fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks like all is having a great time at Market.
    We are looking forward to see what surprises are brougnt back to the shop. Heidi-Idy seems to be enjoying herself just don’t let her sip to many of those drinks Holly !

  3. The QOVs booth is beautiful!!! Good job!!! I know the booth will generate much interest in the American Valor Fabrics and the Quilts of Valor program. Wish I were there.

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