Posted by: sandra | October 30, 2010

Holly gets a turn!

Crazy H. has had quite a few busy days.  Tonight she has had more then her fair share of adult beverages…Five different kinds! So, I thought it would be a good chance to let her have a day to write.

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed by the “boss” do not necessarily represent the worker bees…

That Sandra is sooooo funny……does having a double white Russian count as one or two…oh well…..Sue just called and was on her way back up and was stopping at the bar…you know I don’t want her to drink by herself….anyway….. in the picture above Sandra took a photo of the posters we held during the schoolhouse session along with the two kits What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff donated to the Under Our Wings event.  Sandra, Sue & I designed the quilt that I will show you later in this post.  It is a pattern that will be on the Quilts of Valor website for shop owners who sign up for the Under Our Wings Program.

Here we are outside the classroom with Catherine Roberts, (far right), founder of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, waiting to go into the class room.

Sandra was able to get a quick shot of Andie & Rick of Iowa PBS.  They are filming the WHOLE thing.  Hope they get my best side!  They were here all day taping interviews with the companies who are presenting the new American Valor Fabrics, along with many other “celebrities” that are here.  The documentary will be aired in Iowa in December 2011.

The crowd is very excited about the Under Our Wings Program.  Marianne & Catherine did a wonderful job.  They really reached out and touched us!!


You can see Sue G. peaking out from behind the BLUE version of OUR quilt!  This quilt uses more of the clearer, brighter fabrics and quilted by Patti Hentz of Seams, Etc. Pierre, SD.  Yes, I did say South Dakota. She is one of the local longarmers in town.  Sandra made a RED version in reproduction fabrics and Rosemary Skinner for The Quilted Fox, Va. Beach, VA quilted it.  Both are AWESOME!  Thank you ladies for making these quilts special for us and the heroic soldier who will receive it!


Finally we were able to eat dinner.  Clockwise, is Mark (Marianne’s husband), Kim McWherter, Catherine Roberts, The General (Walt Davis), Me!!, Sue G, Marianne, and Sandra is behind the lens!


Here is my dinner.  Don’t let me be out done by the girls.  I had the quail and asparagus.  It was DELISH!!


This is a photo of Sue G’s plate.  In all honesty, I have to say, that everyone’s plate looked like this.  It was a wonderful dinner, wonderful people and a wonderful day!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and following along on our adventure!  Because….. without you, it wouldn’t be the same!

Now, let me just say, that Sandra went to bed and is sound asleep (maybe I should take a photo of her while she is sleeping), Sue G. is busy on her computer, Kim is packing, as she is leaving tomorrow morning and I am finishing my white Russian with vanilla vodka.

Hope I expressed some GOOD “views” for you all to approve. One last note….did Sandra tell you that she was trying switch “teams” while she was here?  What’s up with her talking to the BUNNY HILL ladies about working for them?  Glad Sue G. knows her priorities!!!

Until next time I am allowed to post…..

Holly by Golly signing off in HOUSTON, TX where everything is bigger, including this post!!






  1. Holly, I love that you tried the quail! And I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

    The quilt is beautiful.

    Also, I’m shocked that my mom is allowing all of these photographs of herself on the Internet. Are you sure she knows what you guys are posting? 🙂

    (Mom, you look great!)

  2. Good morning,
    Well, at least it is here at the moment..I truly enjoy reading about your journey to Houston! Holly your so funny, drinking and typing..Sue you look great on the Internet,, all of you do! Sandra best think twice, lol
    Enjoy the rest of the show and keep those posts a comin,,,
    Take care of one another,
    Linda J

  3. I am so jealous that you are in Houston and I am not. I love all the new Quilts of Valor projects. Hope you buy some fab fabrics for us. Have fun.
    I endorse the White Russians.

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