Posted by: sandra | October 29, 2010

What day is it anyway?

I know that we have been in Houston for awhile…but I have so lost track of time.  Every time we are discussing our future events…the first question is “ok, what day is it today?”

Kim, Sue, Crazy H. and I have been doing some spying shopping at the local quilt shops.  Notice how excited Holly looks to be running across the street to have her picture taken at Quakertown Quilts?  Sue and I, not so much.  Notice Heidi-Idy in the photo too.  Poor thing got dragged to Houston too!  And without her sock monkey friend!  We did buy quite a few new patterns to bring back to the shop.  Always great to see samples made in other stores!  (85 degrees and Holly is wearing a jacket!)

Eventually we ended up at Goodman’s Restaurant.  Supposedly the best place to have chicken fried steak in all of Texas!  The food is going to be featured on an upcoming show on Food Network.   By the way, the food was good and tons of it!  Here is the cow “greeter” in the lobby.

Sadly, it was time to return our Dodge Charger and get to work.  If you’ve ever wondered what 17 cases of water and 9 cases of granola bars looks like…

We spent a couple of hours packaging 400 tote bags for tomorrows “event”.  Don’t they look great!  OK,  this is only a handful of them.

400 of them spreads all across the room!  And then some…

Eventually we made it to the convention floor to start setting up the booths.  Just carry a  dozen boxes to our booth and we’re all ready.  We moved furniture, hung drapes and started putting furniture from Ikea together.  Note to self…don’t buy $9 tools from Ikea.  Then it was off to the hotel for dinner and a 9:30 business meeting with Marianne Fons, a PBS television crew, Quilts of Valor people…and I don’t remember who all else.

Back to the room to finish packaging cookies…

A midnight post to the blog, package a couple of kits, choose and download music for tomorrow then off to bed.  Meeting tomorrow at 7:30 for the “big day”.  Notice, I called it the “big day”, because I really have no idea what day it is…

Later, Sandra

PS.  Is it sad if you tell your family to check the blog to see what is going on with you?  Because you don’t have two minutes to talk?



  1. I think they should have to check the blog even if they are in the same room!!! Take it easy on yourselves girls!!

  2. Take it easy! Crazy H. has about killed us! Sandra

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