Posted by: sandra | October 28, 2010

Is it bedtime yet?

So, at 6 am this morning I couldn’t wait to get started, now a mere 18+ hours later I am ready to call it a day.  We had a good laugh at Holly this morning when she let us know she was delayed by snow!!!!  Later, it wasn’t so funny when we realized if she didn’t make it to Houston we would have to do all the work without her!!!  Not so funny now, huh?  Here is a picture of her back yard this morning.

When Sue and I got ready to start shopping we (surprise!) stopped at Starbucks!!!  I noticed something a little different on the menu here…they sell beer and wine!!!!!  Well, all the Texans keep telling us everything is bigger and better here.

In May Sue and I rented a car to shop hop with.  Here it is, shown actual size, a Kia Rio.

Again, everything is bigger and better in Texas!  Our black Dodge Charger!

Eventually Holly and Kim made it to Houston and we met up to shop for the booths at Market.  Here is Kim, Sue and I after two hours shopping at Ikea with Crazy Holly!!

Poor planning on that shopping trip.  Because all of our goodies did not fit in the trunk!  Poor Holly and Kim had to ride for the rest of the day with this big box on their lap.  They couldn’t get in or out of the car without us removing the box first!  Tempting as it was to leave them in once or twice….we didn’t.

Off to the Cadillac Bar for some Tex-Mex.  Kim had the fish tacos, which she said were great!  Holly…let’s just say no fish tacos.

Finally, back at the hotel about 11pm.  We starting bagging 200 cookies in individual bags for Friday.  We gave up before the end of the cookies.  I think Holly realized we didn’t have to bag the broken ones…plus we could eat them…so, we were “finding” a lot of broken cookies…Just a coincidence!

OK, I give up for tonight!

Later, Sandra



  1. I love the snow in Holly’s back yard. It’s only a billion degrees here and humid – almost Nov!! But, I think it’s supposed to cool down after today.

    Wish it would snow here. I LOVE snow. Even the littlest chihuahua in the world – Sadie – loves snow.

  2. Man it really looks like you guys had a fun time!!! Some day can little minions go??? I’ll even pay for my own drinky-poos??? I guess I better start saving just in case!!! Heal back, heal!!!

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