Posted by: sandra | October 26, 2010

Houston, we’ve landed!

Houston, look out, we’re here!  Sue and I both arrived in Houston this afternoon.  Both our flights were delayed, but we made our connections and arrived within 10 minutes of each other.  I may have mentioned I don’t like to fly much…So, you should all notice the sacrifice I made for the shop by flying on this little plane!  I believe the plane held 36 people!  And was probably the smallest plane I have flown on.  Once again, taking one for the team!

I arrived in Charlotte with 15 minutes to make my connecting flight.  Guess what?  I arrived at the end of concourse E and departed from the end of concourse B!  Not even time for a much needed bathroom break, let alone a Starbucks run…

The flight to Houston went smoothly, and here is the art to welcome me to Houston, Texas.  Kind of hard to tell, but it is a cow wearing a space suit with a Texas flag…ok whatever.  I feel like such a tourist running over to take a picture of these things!

Sue and I got our bags and our rental car and off to the hotel.  Five minutes of peace before we went to look for dinner…Here is Heidi-Idy taking advantage of the comfy bed and a “mysterious” new quilt.


Crazy Holly and Kim arrive tomorrow afternoon.  So, Sue and I made sure we went out for a nice, unique dinner tonight.  Dining with Holly is rarely unique and exciting…This is Sue’s dinner, soft shell crab tacos… I had quail and a great glass of wine!

Back to the hotel to receive a shipment of 17 cases of water, nine cases of  granola bars, to go with the five boxes of goodies sent to us at the hotel!  This room is getting mighty small!  Notice Crazy Holly is not here to beg and bribe the bell hops….

Lots more tomorrow!




  1. So jealous of those tacos. My mom has great taste.

    Have fun, ladies.

  2. Looks like a good time so far! Now I see why Heidi Idy coldn’t go to the woods with me, although we did have a stake out in the campground last night…can you top that Houston??? Have fun girlies!!

    • Crazy Holly is glad she was not there for dinner. Not big on either course, but can’t say as I have quail or soft shell crab tacos. Think I will stick with my red beer and steak……thanks for getting my back Virginia, and your mom does have good taste Steph……I can’t wait to see what happens next………..

  3. Holly, if you’ve never had quail, you should try it. I was skeptical the first time I ate it, but it’s mild and buttery and delicious.

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