Posted by: sandra | October 25, 2010

Look what I found

Today was my last day to prepare for Houston.  I had two samples left to make for Crazy Holly, and then I needed to pack and get ready.  (OK, I still need to pack…)  So, I worked on the samples and then started cleaning my sewing room.  Putting away projects, dusting, vacuuming, did a really deep clean on my sewing machine…Exciting stuff like that.  I want my sewing machine ready when I come home from Market.

I then began to pack my carry on bag.  To me the crucial bag.  I have to have plenty to do, just in case I get stuck at the airport.  I did learn my lesson though, and will also pack a toothbrush this time.  So, I started digging through some project bags to see what  sewing to bring to do.  Look what I found in a basket of stuff!

I’d started this little quilt about six months ago, I think.  All that was left to do was tack down the binding and applique four wool stars.  Don’t you wonder what happens sometimes to lose track of things that are nearly done.  So, instead of packing, I finished this little guy.  You know the packing will get done, but who knows what would happen if this went back in the basket…

Our quilt guild is doing a UFO challenge next year.  So I am pondering over my dozens (OK probably a lot more) unfinished projects that I will try and finish.  Just thinking about an unfinished project sometimes helps the motivation.  Sometimes.

I’m considering pledging to finish this one.  It is called “It’s A Wonderful Life” from Jan Patek.  A lot of it is done, but I would have to find all the pieces…

I have several others on my short list…but time to decide.

Guess I am running out of excuses, and have to go pack.  Just one more email check on Crazy H, then I’ll pack up my computer.  I am going to try and blog this trip.  There are so many exciting things happening I don’t want to wait until I get back.  So check in and see.

Later, Sandra




  1. i’ll be stopping by the store this week to get the pattern for the snap happy bag…can’t wait to make one- they are so cute….Have a good trip to Houston….

  2. You will love that Snap Happy bag! I’m packed and ready for Houston!

  3. Have a great time and be safe. Holly won’t be the only crazy there 🙂

  4. Virginia, Thanks! On my way to the airport now.

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