Posted by: sandra | October 23, 2010


H*O*K*I*E*S, LETS GO!!!  Can I stop singing that yet?  What a beautiful day for a football game!  The temps started in the 40″s  during tailgating, but by the end of the game it was in the 70’s.  And we won. in a big way!

We used some of our neighbors season tickets, great seats on the 47 yard line, with real seat cushions!  Better yet, great parking!  Our assigned season parking spot was three spots from the stadium!  Excellent!

Of course, nothing says game day like a pitcher of margaritas at 10 in the morning.

And things in the parking lots get pretty weird.

Just love seeing the corps of cadets!  The young marine in the lower right hand corner was a Tech grad being honored for his duty in Afghanistan.  He was hurt very badly in an IED event.  I so wondered if he received a Quilt of Valor…

Look at all the maroon and orange…I have some lovely red sunburn to go with my maroon and orange.

I did work a little on some of those pending Houston projects…Tomorrow I will show you the one item that I actually finished!

Later, Sandra




  1. Seems to me, you are fitting in well up there.

    Go VT!

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