Posted by: sandra | October 22, 2010

Five Minutes Peace

I believe I got a total of five minutes peace and quiet today.  Which was probably 3 more then Crazy Holly got.  The first email I sent her today had the title “panic attack”!  As I started writing down all the things “we” had committed to at Market.  I began to think we were in way over our heads!  I always feel like the mean witch, as I am the voice of reality.  Nag, nag, nag…

  • How are we going to get to all those shops to buy stuff for the booth?
  • How are we going to get all those things in our rental car?
  • Where are we going to store those 14 cases of water bottles?
  • No, I don’t know if Houston has a Target, Home Depot, Walmart and Ikea!
  • Are we ever going to get time to eat while at the show?
  • How are the four of us going to stuff 500 bags?
  • And on and on and on…

I did draw the line and let Crazy Holly know that Sue and I were definitely having Starbucks every day, probably twice a day!!!!!  No excuses!

Here is a picture of the patriotic snap happy bags.  If you have not tried making some of these little bags, you have got to give them a try,  Fun, easy and addicting.  Think of all the little treasures you can keep in them…

I have lost track of which Pitty Pat blocks I’ve shown you…here is my latest.  I think…

Tomorrow we are going to the Virginia Tech-Duke game.  We are leaving at 9:30 so we can start tailgating at 10am.  Should be a beautiful fall game for the day.

Later, Sandra



  1. GO HOKIES! I’ll be watching the game…I’ll look for your smiling face in the crowd…which quilt are you taking for your lap? You have a Virginia Tech quilt, right???? Maybe with some orange minkee on the back….

  2. Oh Sandra, nobody works at the speed of light like you do! You will make it all happen. Just save some time for me!

  3. Hey Marcie, Have not forgotten you, call me tomorrow if you can.

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