Posted by: sandra | October 21, 2010

Can you hear me now?

Hello, can you hear me now?  Hello…hello….Is anybody out there?  If you can hear me..would you consider writing a quick comment?  Just a quick “hi”…you know…just a little something…something…

Anyway, guess what came in the store yesterday??

The new line from French General!!!  I believe there are 38 bolts in this yummy collection from Moda!  I’ll bet the girls at the shop have been busy cutting and folding fat quarters for two days.  I know that I want some.



Here is just a little tease of some of the pieces from the collection.  French General has probably been the best selling designer at the store this year…What do you think Sue?

Plans continue full speed ahead to prepare for Houston.  Any suggestions on what you might like to see in the shop?  More 30’s fabric????   More batiks????  More Civil War fabric?????  I think Crazy Holly mentioned we had an unlimited budget (one way to tell if she is reading the blog…).

I hope we find a couple of new block of the month programs.  Noah’s Ark was very popular and sold out quickly.  Would you be interested in another childrens block of the month.  can’t wait to see this quilt in person!  It is a new Christmas block of the month from Bunny Hill Designs.  I love it…especially all the little details she is so good at!  But, we have done several Christmas blocks of the month…is there interest in another?

Oh, so many things to think about!

The low here tonight is supposed to be 33 degrees.  My husband is hoping I will relent and let him turn the heat on.  I did agree to at least close our bedroom window…

Later, Sandra




  1. More Blackbird Designs!!!!!

  2. Wow! There is life out there!!!!! Blackbird Designs has a new book coming out at market. “A Bouquet of Quilts and Projects” 84 pages!!! We expect to buy books and bring them back with us. Hopefully we will be able to get them signed! Blackbird also has a new line of fabric coming in November, not sure what of it we ordered thou’. Thanks for the input! Sandra

    • Hey Sandra,

      How about a wool BOM that does NOT have sheep?? 🙂 And is there such a thing as a BOM for batiks? So many people have been commenting on the batiks we’ve started carrying….I leave all decisions into your capable hands, as I love whatever you choose!

  3. don’t forget to post the Snap Happy Bags. They look so cute… Thanks

  4. I knew there was a reason I needed to come to the shop tomorrow!

  5. Joanne, I even took a picture of the bags…but forgot to post it…tomorrow.

  6. I love the French General fabrics…hmmm…I’m thinking I want them all…I may have to have a absolute fat bundle to “age” in my sewing room where I can see it every day…of course, I’m thinking I need more Civil War backgrounds…(I don’t “need” anything…except for another day of the week…)

  7. Yes Rose, gotta love French General! Saw pictures of “the quilt” today, the quilting is stunning!!!!!!!!Thank you so much, can’t wait to show it! Sandra

  8. unless it gets to 33 in the house I say ixnay on the heateray!!! Love the French General! Let me think….more 30’s ………..oh sorry I threw up in my mouth a little 😉

  9. Lisa, No, I didn’t turn the heat on…I kinda feel the same as you about batiks too.

  10. I think French General has been a really big seller this year, but my brain has been exploding all week, so…maybe I’m not the best source for answers this week. 😆

  11. Kathie, no sheep???? A batik BOM would be a good idea….(well not for me, but for other people)

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