Posted by: sandra | October 20, 2010

Playing Catch Up

The first half of my day was spent working at the food pantry and running errands.  So, I was already behind the ball by the time Crazy Holly was getting warmed up!  Last night we were doing some brainstorming and today we had to think about the consequences of all those “good ideas”.  I like to be well prepared and done early, Holly works best under pressure.  Do you see a problem here?

I did manage to get a few things done, between 15 texts and 22 emails!  Not to mention three phone calls.  And I’ve only been home half a day!  Enough whining already!  I finished this wool pillow.  Yeah!!!   All it is is several size wool squares sewn onto a wool background.  No pattern, just kind of playing around…  I am bringing it to my friend in Houston that I will be staying with a couple of days after market.  (Obviously she doesn’t read the blog…).  She has a very primitive house, and I think she will like it.

Next, I worked on a couple of Snap Happy bags, in patriotic colors.  Just love making these little bags.  They are so easy and kind of addicting!  (If I had more motivation I’d run upstairs and take a photo of them…maybe tomorrow…).

Finally, a couple of shots from the wedding in Austin.  The bride, Patty, is my husbands cousin.  Patty is very lively, fun, vivacious, sparkling, and just fun to be around.  She makes you feel like you have made her day just by being around.  Her husbands name is Tony, and they seem to be a great match!  Notice the pink Cadillac in the background…there were four pink Mary Kay cars as part of the wedding.

Of course, anyone who knows me, knows I spent most of my time flirting with this one!  Eight months old and the most beautiful baby.  Check out those eyes…

Guess I’d better get back to my samples…

Later, Sandra


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