Posted by: sandra | October 18, 2010

My poor car is in the shop…

My wonderful, white minivan (the third white minivan I’ve had) spent the day in the shop today.  Poor thing has to spend the night too, but hopefully can come home tomorrow!  The good news is the part is covered under warranty, since I had it replaced just 8 months ago.  Hard to imagine anything being under warranty at 156,000 miles.

Not too long ago I had started looking at new cars…but I got over that.  Not as much fun as it sounds…

This is what my daughter wants me to get, a Nissan Murano.

My son is sure I am going to ge this, a new white minivan.

I was kind of thinking of a Honda Accord.  But mostly I decided not to think about it…

So, I was stuck in the house all day!  Why is it when you have no car you think of a million things that you could be/ should be doing.  My daughter says I can’t complain because I had my sewing machine and my vacuum cleaner…hmmm a good point!  (Kind of sad thou’).

Mostly I worked on finishing some things for Houston and trying to clean up my sewing room.  Putting on some binding and  trying to find the tables in my sewing room… Maybe tomorrow I’ll try and find the floor!

Here is another block done from Aunt Pitty Pats, yeah!

Today we found out that Kim McWherter is joining us for part of Quilt Market!  Kim will have her quilt on display in Marcie Patch’s booth.  (Kim is a former Stitch ‘n Stuff employee).  It is going to be loud and wild for those days!  And four of us sharing one bathroom in the hotel room!  I’m getting excited, and tired!

Crazy Holly…now is the time to wrap things up!  Not start with new ideas!  I’m just saying…

Later, Sandra


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