Posted by: sandra | October 17, 2010

A little bit of patriotic

So, as I mentioned yesterday I have been making some new shop samples.  The theme is all patriotic, to go with our upcoming Houston trip.  The samples will go to the booth at Quilt Market and then back to the shop.  Several of them will be kits I am sure!

The table runner is from Pieced Tree Designs, fast and easy!  Great for any focus fabric.  This one has patriotic words written on the red background.  On top of the table runner is a tote bag from Screen Play.  It uses the red screen mesh to build the tote with.  The mesh is available in the store in hot pink, red, black and some other fun colors!  It is not hard to sew on it at all, and make a nice sturdy little tote bag.  (The pattern includes many different sizes).

I can not begin to tell you what I had to bribe my daughter with to let me photograph her in an apron!  Not high on her list of clothing options!  I think I told her Crazy Holly would send her some dark chocolate….This pattern is from Four Corners and very easy.  Especially if you actually read the pattern and do what it says…when it says it…I think I may try that concept next time!  The main print is a “cheater cloth”, so it looks much harder then it is.

Finally I took a small piece of the cheater cloth that was left and made a little quilt! Looks pretty cute on my patriotic trunk!  After I quilted it and washed it, the top looks pieced.  Gotta love that!

How is the quilt show people?  I hope to have some pictures from it soon to share with you.

Later, Sandra



  1. you would have probably had to pay Rebecca less if she got to hold her gun!

  2. Now why didn’t I think of that!

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