Posted by: sandra | October 16, 2010

Heidi-Idy does Dallas, I mean Houston…

Or getting ready to…I thought that all of the Houston Market stuff was a secret, but Holly keeps giving you little bits and pieces…so I’ll help connect the dots.

Awhile back you may remember that Marianne Fons came to visit, as part of a top secret plan.

We all started at Founders Inn, for a nice brunch and a three hour meeting.

After that we headed over to the shop for lunch and an afternoon full of business talk.  Then a nice little trip to Starbucks. (Surprise!)

Finally we ended up at the beach for a  lovely dinner!  (No talk of business that night).  Do you notice we eat a lot?

The next morning Marianne came to the shop for a meet and greet before she returned to Iowa that afternoon.

So, what was all the excitement about???  And have you noticed that ever since then Holly has been referred to as “Crazy Holly”?  Not just a coincidence!

Part of the secret is that Stitch ‘n Stuff will be participating with Marianne Fons at Houston International Quilt Market.  Holly, Sue and myself will be creating a booth for Marianne to use during the show.  We will also be part of her team at School House (kind of like a lecture series).  And finally the big news……….the big news is that if I tell you the rest Holly, I mean Crazy Holly will kill me!

But, if you read her clues carefully she mentioned a quilt being sent to the quilter, and it just so happens that I have a quilt with Rose to be quilted, and Suzanne just finished a quilt for us…

I’ve also been working on several samples for the booth…they are all very patriotic…Hmmm.

If we find this post severely edited later, we’ll know that 1) Crazy Holly does read the post and 2) I went to far.

Later, maybe… Sandra




  1. The excitement builds!

  2. #1 – Holly does read the blog.
    #2 – If Crazy Holly kills you she will have to make all the samples for this. So we know this will not happen.
    #3 – The excitement continues….have your read you email today Sandra?….shhhh
    #4 – Guess who is coming to the shop on Monday to film MORE for the TV news?

  3. Crazy Holly, not only would you have to make samples, but you would have to write the blog, everyday!!!!!!

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