Posted by: sandra | October 15, 2010

Friday ‘n Stuff

One of the things that I got in my box from the shop yesterday, was this new magazine/booklet.  It is called Sew Scrappy and it is from Better Homes and Gardens. ($12.99)  128 pages of yummy, yummy quilt projects!  Throw size, wall hangings and full size bed quilts.  20 different projects in all!  I have a wedding quilt to make for next summer…and I think the pattern is coming from this book!  Question…If you ask the grooms mother what colors the bride and groom like…do you have to listen?  What if she suggests neutral (ie. cream)?  What if you don’t want to make neutral?  I guess the lesson here is…don’t ask…

I did get another of my Aunt Pitty Pat’s block done.  This little block really kicked my ***** , well, you know what I mean.  I swear I used a half a yard of fabric to make this little 6 inch block!  And is still isn’t right, but I can live with it!  Some days….

Do you know how to tell you have been traveling too long on your Texas trip?   When you think a semi truck of bubble gum is funny.  So funny that you have to speed up and quick take a picture of it!

Finally, Lisa this is the last picture for you from Austin…

One of the restaurants we were at had a locked box of Elvis memorabilia…Why?????

Anyone make it to the quilt show today?  I hope to have a picture or two for tomorrows post.  I’d love to hear from anyone who went and hear what you thought!

Later, Sandra



  1. I like the question mark ! Is he still in the building!! Thanks Sandra

    • Did you know that we have the ghost of Elvis still in WYSNS? Ask Pat. She knows……..

  2. Thanks for the picture? Or, thanks for it being the last picture?

  3. Thanks for ALL the pictures you silly goose, do you think Elvis knows that giant sock monkey??

  4. I think Elvis and the giant sock monkey met at La Chihuahua Bar!!!

  5. Have fun in TX. I’m off to the Cocheco Quilters Guild show in Rochester, NH today. Nothing like a day at the quilt show.


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