Posted by: sandra | October 13, 2010

More of Austin

This is the view from one of the dinners we were at in Austin.  The restaurant was called Oasis, and I believe it overlooked Lake Travis.  We were there at sunset and the views were gorgeous! I really expected more cactus and scrub brush then water.

Staying with the theme, Keep Austin Weird, here is a huge flock of plastic flamingos at a roadside stand.  Worse yet, I had to stop and take their pictures!  So, who does that make weird?

I was happy to see that if I did need flamingos, they did have Virginia Tech colors…not just pink.

I did a little stitching while on the plane and in the airport.  I finished all the applique on this quilt top.  It is from a Fig Tree pattern, and I know the shop has one copy left.  Maybe I’ll even think about quilting it for Christmas….It could happen!

Last, but not least, Lisa.  Another photo for you!  (Made my husband go take this photo, I didn’t want to look like a tourist).

Later, Sandra



  1. Jennifer and I are on our way … I feel a margarita !!!!

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