Posted by: sandra | October 12, 2010

A weekend in Austin, Texas

When my husband and I got married, which was eons ago.  We had a wedding rehearsal dinner, the wedding and the reception.  Pretty typical stuff.  But the wedding we went to on Sunday had tons of events!!!  We had a welcome dinner on Friday, the rehearsal dinner on Saturday, the wedding and reception on Sunday and a BBQ on Monday!  Not to mention a lunch and a brunch with the other side of the family!  I wonder if my daughter would like to elope?

We had a great time, despite all the family togetherness…

The City of Austin has a slogan, “Keep Austin Weird”, combine the city with Texas Pride and you have quite the combination!

The airport was full of artwork, keeping with the theme.

A restaurant with their wine bottle art work.

Every street corner had a taco stand!  This of course was our favorite.  A chain of cupcake stands, in streamline trailers.  My daughter and my niece were very willing to try it out!

Can’t forget the Texas shaped waffles…

And Lisa, everything is BIG in Texas!  Even this huge creepy sock monkey!

Lots more later, Sandra



  1. Awesome. That sock monkey is VERY creepy. My daughter was in a wedding this weekend also. We were in Nashville, TN. It was held in the Country Music Hall of Fame. I also hope both of mine elope after seeing the $ that was spent on a weekend of events.

  2. Again, I’m on my way !!!! Maybe Sue T will be up for a trip to Austin … she usually is!!

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