Posted by: sandra | October 8, 2010

Houston, here we come!

Or, how do they say it?   Houston, we are a go.  So long as we are not saying, “Houston, we have a problem”.  At the end of this month Sue, Holly and I are heading to Houston, Teeexxas for International Quilt Market!  Marcie Patch will also be heading to Houston, to have her first ever quilt booth at the big show, Congrats Marcie!

Sue and I will be making the supreme sacrifice of shopping for the shop!  It will be our task to view hundreds of bolts of fabric, tons of patterns, books and new notions.  Then order lots of these new goodies for the store.  I hate to admit it, but that sounds better then it really is.  I’m tired just thinking about it!

Spring Quilt Market travels around the country.  I have been to market in Portland, OR, Salt Lake City, UT, Kansas City, MO, Boston, MA and to Minneapolis, MN- twice.  But, I have never been to the fall show, which is always in Houston.  Any of you out there know of any great shops we have to visit while in Houston?


Minute Maid Field where the Moda party is!!!

There is a big “secret” about our trip to Houston…but I will give you a hint.

Marianne Fons

I did get another Aunt Pitty Pat block done!  Some days it is the little things!

Later, Sandra



  1. My invitation must have gottten lost in the mail muahhahaha

  2. Lisa, I’m sure the invitation is implied! See you there Miss Under the Cover Boss!

  3. hee hee hee, I guess a nice light weight fall quilt will do for my ensemble …. oh and trust me Houston WILL have a problem LOL (especially is they run out of Starbucks)

  4. Rico is always invited. I am thinking about calling you our “Anthony”….guess who would be Susanne, Mary Jo, or Julia….. Any idea of what I am talking about? Always room for one more!

  5. Lisa, don’t encourage her!

  6. Try to get to the Painted Pony Quilt shop. I was there last year on a bus tour and enjoyed it so much. Have fun.

  7. I have that shop on my list!!! Thanks!

  8. Well we all know Julia is Sue G. I’ll have to work on the other Sugarbaker ettes hmmm

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