Posted by: sandra | October 6, 2010

Baby Day

I worked on two different projects today, and both of them were baby items.  Funny how things go in streaks.

One of our quilt guild members is having her first baby, so everyone made a couple of blocks and then I put the top together.  You know how much fun it is to put 20 different peoples blocks together?  The top turned out pretty cute though, and better yet it is ready to go to the quilter!

White, lime green and browns.  Don’t tell the new mother-to-be, ok?

Next I worked on a little wall hanging for Ellie, Jaqcue’s granddaughter.  I did the final stitching and will drop it in the mail tomorrow.  Ellie loves the moon!!!

The pattern is from Cottage Creek Quilts ($8), and is available at the shop.  The name of the pattern is “Sweet Dreams”.

I have finished another Aunt Pitty Pat block.  This has been a good challenge (so far).

Happy birthday to my husband and my daughter-in-law!

Later, Sandra



  1. OK – so where is the wall hanging for Bella??? Huh??? You were my first friend to hold her and what do I get??? Hmmph

  2. Ummmmmmm. Bet she is getting sooo big! I’d love to see her again. You could post her picture…

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