Posted by: Sue | October 4, 2010

This is the BEST Place to Work — You Should Be Jealous!!!

We had a Shop Meeting on Tuesday, September 28th; what you don’t know about our meetings is that they are by no means ordinary. Here at What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff, we work hard, quilt lots, and play hard all at once. This meeting was no exception and as a matter of fact, it broke all the previous WYSNS records for fantabulous meetings.  

We always start our meetings with dessert, (what else?). There was cake, frosted brownies, & ice cream.   


We need sugar and chocolate before every meeting!

Pat Stewart -- Fastest Binder in the East! Like I said we quilt lots!

Holly & Irene had a few surprises up their sleeves for our meeting. They recruited Lisa Burgess for a starring role and this is what happened….. 

Lisa arrives dressed for the meeting

Irene introduces our guest with the following:  

Thank you all for coming tonight and your support over these last 20 years.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of women……. 


Now I would like you to turn your attention to our UNDERCOVER BOSS:  Lisa Burgess   

We have asked Lisa to keep an open eye and ear while here.  And you thought you she was just twirling her hair……muhahaha…… 

Lisa explaining her attire and her duties for the evening


Thank You Irene……Although you did say UNDERCOVER BOSS, I like to refer to it as UNDER THE COVER BOSS……. 

 While quilting (playing) alongside the crew this past year, I have been able to examine the inner workings of What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff. 

 We know you have all heard of CBS, ABC, NBC, etc, but have you heard of WYSNS?  Yes, ladies we have our own network and a diversity of programming.  Tonight is your lucky night that we have several stars of our 2010 season.  We will start with the person who has joined our cast last, and maybe has had the most difficult role.  She has had to fit in with all the personalities and demands of our other stars.  So, the winner of: 


Dancing With The Stars -- Bonnie Sprouse

TOP CHEF: Carol Ascher - she may cook as much as she quilts and shares her recipes

AMAZING RACE: Bobbie Case - racing around the shop to get all those kits cut, bagged, tagged, and out on the floor for sale.

MYTHBUSTERS: Connie Herron - If there is a tool out there bring it to Connie and she will figure out how or even why you need to use it.

SURIVIOR: Pat Stewart - She has survived all the ups and downs, back and forths of 20 years at the network. And still continues to call this her happy place

OPRAH's BIG GIVE: Mana Masters - When anyone calls and needs something or someone, Mana is always the first one to lend a hand.

BIGGEST LOSER: Kathie Rokitski - For her continued performance in a supporting role, she has been an inspiration to us all to keep at it.

THE APPRENTICE: Mary Ruth Hudson - for taking the pressure off of the rest of us to be the next Sandra

EXTREME MAKEOVER: Carole Anne Buchanan - Being able to turn a bucket, stick and rug into a display that even Martha Stewart would want in her house, and that is a Good Thing

PROJECT RUNWAY: Joan Bryan - who can make even the ugliest of fabric beautiful and make us all want 3 more yards!

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL: Karen Murphy - who through the years has blossomed into a confident quilter

One of our stars could not be here tonight, but she is in the news every day.   And by the title of her show alone, you will know who the recipient is. 

KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS: Sandra Fraenkel Need I say more…….

You may have noticed we have one star that has not been recognized yet.  She is guest star on so many of our shows that we were not sure exactly which award to give her, but I guess when all the scraps have fallen to the floor, she is the winner of 



She has had to deal with cast changes, set designs, and crazy producers .  No one could have pulled it all together better than she did.  I would like us all to give her a big round of applause……and a big Thank You.  Had it not been for her we would all be looking for a different network to shine on today!

Thank you all for your continued support……oh….and a last thank you to our own BABY JANE?  NO BODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!!  For without her, NONE of this would have been possible.  Thank you Irene for giving us all a place to call home.  We love you and are here for you!!

The scripted comments above were written by Holly. We (the staff) would all like to thank Holly and Irene for making What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff such a great place to work. They go above and beyond to make us all feel like a part of the family, it’s a workplace that you love coming to.  We have our own winners to announce:


The Queen Mum -- Irene Erdei

FAMILY TIES:  Irene Erdei — Who keeps us all together and mostly behaving in this crazy place we call home.


Like I said we play hard too! Heidi-Idy and Holly

QUANTUM LEAP WITH A SIDE OF HAPPY DAYS:  Holly Erdei-Zuber — Keeping the shop open after moving lock, stock, & lots of barrels to South Dakota was a leap of faith; in herself and in all of us. We appreciate more than you can imagine your faith in us and your willingness to keep our Days Happy with the shop open and running stronger than ever. Giving us a place to work, play, quilt and be crazy with our friends is the best. Thank you for all you do (even the crazy stuff 😆 )!

Our Thanks too, to Queen for Life, Lisa Burgess, Best Under The Cover Boss EVER!!!!

The Girls — Bobbi, Bonnie, Carol, Carole Anne, Connie, Karen, Kathie, Joan B., Mana, Mary Ruth, Pat, Sandra, ‘n Sue G.,



  1. I had soooo much fun!!! I love everyone cracking up in the background, a great group of gals!!! :~}

    • I could not have pulled off such a fun idea without Lisa. Thank you Rico….muhahahaha…..Sauve…..and yes I also noticed the laughing in the background. Priceless!! Also….”what’s with the hair!”

  2. Awesome post and a great quilt shop. Keep up the good work. I am hooked on strip quilts and minkee 🙂

    • Virginia, Virginia, Virginia……I have been trying to contact you. Please email ( me about picking up your “prize”…. Hope you and Alice are well and quilting feverishly!!

  3. You like us… really, really like us….sniff, sniff!! It is an honor to work with such a deciated staff and extended staff. But seriously, couldn’t you find a better picture….ha…ha…Thank you very much for the kind words. Do you think Queen Mum will see it? Be sure to tell her you saw her on the blog!

  4. Why Lisa, is that a quilt you are WEARING? I’m proud of you. What will it be next. Flying geese pants!!

  5. Lisa, I’d pay to see that!!

  6. you all know I could rock some flying geese pants …just don’t know how many flocks would have to give their lives for that project muahahaha

  7. I’d blog about that! Send photos!

  8. Heidi Idy, your the bomb for recognizing all the wonderful people who inspire us and keep the shop in “Tip Top Shape”. I love this family and I’m so glad that the shop is doing well. Although we miss Holly being in the daily mix, I’m so thankful that they kept the shop going and trusted the girls who work there and the loyal customers to keep coming back for more and more and more.

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