Posted by: Holly | October 3, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Has anyone seen my husband?

 Ok….I did promise to post today and here I am finally at my computer. It was such a wonderful weekend here. The weather has been soooo nice it was too hard to stay inside when everyone was outside. I need better time management!! Friday started off with excitement and it just got better all weekend. Sydney had a friend spending the night, so we had a girls night. Levi was off with the football team. 

Levi is #63. He recovered a fumble the other night which then lead to the team's only touchdown of the night. They usually have two guys covering him. Go Levi!

  They were traveling to Rapid City and would not be home til late and will probably spend the night with a friend. Dan was off hunting. Coming in with the girls there is a message on the machine. It was Dan. “I just got my first buck!” “I will be a little while, as we have to clean it!” He finally arrives home about 10 pm after taking it on a tour around town to show everyone. I am really impressed, as it was with a bow and is new to this. 

Dan's first buck with a bow!

Saturday he has to “process” the deer, so the girls and I head downtown with some eggs to sell. We set up shop for a few hours and make enough to buy lunch and go to the mall. It is a long day and finishes up with a baptism at church, a reception, and movie with my husband. 

We sold 8 dozen eggs and still had some to give away!

 Sunday starts off with church, as we have to be there this morning, as the bishop is coming. Then Sydney had a birthday party to go to. Company coming for dinner. Pumpkin pie to make and here I am after everyone left. What a great weekend. Hope you all enjoyed yours! 

Sydney with her pumkin from our pumpkin patch. We will not be waiting for the Great Pumpkin!

A bunch of punkins from our patch with Gracie. Her name sooo fits her!

Our cowboys don't go to church....they go to the country store!

 Again I apologize for not posting.  Seems I let alot slip this weekend, but I have to be honest, it felt really good.  I love fall and with winter coming, I will be spending alot of time inside, so I better enjoy it now.  Back to the grind tomorrow.  Lots to do and now lots to catch up on.  I will end this with a letter we received from Aunt Pitty Pat’s friend.  Enjoy!  

Holly by Golly ~ Lovin’ South Dakota! 

Dear Pitty Pat, 

So much has happened in a short time that I do not know where to start.  But I feel I must write to you.  Lest you worry, Sara Jane is well and continues to grow.  Elizabeth is still with me, but she will return home before the winter comes to the mountains.   

John surprised me with a present right after my last letter. The Byrod family from Halifax have moved West.  Before they left they had a public sale of the things they could not take with them.  John bought me a sewing machine!  We would never have been able to buy a new one.  I had talked to John about buying one on the hire purchase plan but he saw this one at the sale for a good price.  I don’t think any of the other men at the sale were interested in it.  It was too heavy for the Byrods to take with them. I was afraid to use it at first, but Elizabeth and I are learning how it works.  It has a treadle rather than a hand crank which I think I will like.   

Thinking of my new sewing machine can take my mind off the other news, but only for a short time.  There was a new draft of men in the valley to serve in the war.  Both David Tobias and my John were called to go!  I tried to be strong, but I cried for days to think what I would ever do without John here.  Daniel tried to tell me that he would look after me and his new granddaughter while John was gone, but I could not bear the thought of John leaving us.   

David Tobias decided that he would not go.  He has enough money to hire a substitute.  John’s brother Aaron said that, for the 300 dollars which is the usual substitute fee, he would go in place of Mr. Tobias.  Aaron said he was not married and could use the money in his shoemaker’s business when he came home.   Daniel did not want Aaron to go, but he felt that if he did, Aaron should have gone in John’s place.  But we did not have the $300.00 substitute money to give him.  I felt so bad because John had spent  money on the sewing machine for me.  It only made me cry more. Elizabeth said that Sara Jane and I could go home with her and live with mother and father while John was gone. 

 Then John’s brother Emanuel announced that he would go back to war in John’s place and would not ask for the substitute fee.  I had such mixed feelings – glad that John would not have to go, but sad that Emanuel would go back to the fighting.  He told me that one reason he would go back was to help his brother Aaron as well as help John and me.  

 So Emanuel and Aaron have left the valley for Carlisle.  Before they left, I made a treat of peach fritters for everyone.  Soon it will be time to make schnitz and get ready for Harvest Home.  

  Your dear friend, How I wish this war was over.  



Annette’s Peach Fritters  (modern recipe) 

 2 eggs separated 

2/3 cup milk (you can add some peach juice if you wish) 

1 Tbsp. melted butter or oil 

1 cup flour 

1/4 tsp. salt 

1 Tbsp. sugar 

4 ripe peaches – peel and cut into small pieces 

 Beat egg yolks until well mixed.  Then beat in the milk and melted butter.  Mix dry ingredients (flour, salt, and sugar) and add to the eggs, milk and butter.  Mix until blended.  Let the batter rest in the refrigerator for two hours.  Add two stiffly beaten egg whites and the peaches.  Fry in deep fat until golden brown.  

Reading about the recipe reminds me that I need to start my Heidi-Idy and Holly posts.  I will be making receips from our 20th Anniversary Cookbook throughout the fall and winter. Any suggestions on what recipe I should start with?  Who wants to go first?  Send me a photo via email that I can use for the post…..



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