Posted by: sandra | September 30, 2010

The answer, is 17!

The question, How many times do you have to read the pattern before you understand it?  When I was at the shop I bought a kit ($2.50) for a luggage tag.  The kit included the fabric, interfacing, plastic and pattern.  What a great deal!  I figured I could whip that up in no time…Apparently the pattern is smarter then I am.  Over the course of several days I read and reread that pattern.  I had it cut out, know what it would look like…but still couldn’t figure it out!  I even had my daughter read the pattern…no luck.  And then, on the 17th try…I read the pattern and finally the light bulb turned on!  I then ‘whipped’ up the tag in no time, and then proceeded to make seven more!

Our family is going to Austin, Texas next weekend for a wedding, and I just took the wedding quilt out of the dryer! Gotta love that soft, cozy feel.  Now, it just needs a label…

The pattern is from Fig Tree Quilts, what a difference compared to the color photo on the pattern.  I chose not to do a scalloped border, because I have a really neat border print.  (That you can’t see very well in the photo)  The pattern is available in the shop ($8-9ish) and is called Cottage Tapestry.

I’m off to play around with a new idea…No, it does not involve Heidi-Idy, sock monkeys or cowboys!  But, it could still be fun…

Later, Sandra



  1. love reading your posts—you are so funny – glad you figured out the luggage tags haha and the quilt is really beautiful –

  2. Are the luggage tags still available at the shop, stopping in the shop to pay for my 30’s BOM,, either Friday or Saturday, woo hoo can’t wait.

  3. Hi Joanne, Thanks for the kind words. Nothing like being beaten by a pattern to remind you of your place in the world…

  4. Linda, yes the luggage tags are still available. I heard that Bobbi made 60 new kits of them the other day, and has more to make before the quilt show.

  5. Glad you weren’t talking about the pillowcase directions…I still haven’t figured those out!!!

  6. You know Susi, we have a picture tutorial for that…I’m just saying.

  7. Susi, do you need me to make you a pillowcase before your big day? Thinking of you!

  8. Can I order one of the luggage tag patterns on line? I live in ME.. Deb

  9. Deb, I will let Sue at the shop know that you would like to order one.

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