Posted by: sandra | September 28, 2010

Getting my priorities straight!

OK, I’m over the whole cleaning thing!  One day and I got it out of my system, maybe until spring!  Today, I spent what time I had, right where I belong, with my sewing machine!  I worked on all those four patch blocks, and I’m almost over it!  Not that I am done with them, just a little tired of them…but I did get about half the blocks made!!!

Why is it some blocks go together so nicely…and other have such an attitude?  So far, I like how it is turning out, but think of the great quilting that can go in the big empty blocks!  Do I see feathers in its future, Rose?

Now to show you that I really live in the “middle of nowhere” Virginia, I took a couple of pictures of my neighbors on the hill.  (Not the Happy Hour neighbors…)

This girl will let you get close, but not too close.  (Like I would want to…)

Now this sweetie not only will  let you get you get close, she wants you to pet her and to feed her.  In case that two feet high clover at her feet isn’t enough to keep her happy.

To warn you all Holly has been out sick for several days, and now that she is feeling better…Look out, the crazy woman is in the house!

Later, Sandra



  1. the cows are so sweet and the quilt is looking beautiful!!!

  2. I just love the cows, it is so peaceful to see them wandering on the hills.

  3. Visions of feathers dance in my head…

  4. Hey Sandra Where are the good looking cowboys to go with those cows! Those would be a delightful sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yeah!!! Where are the cowboys? I haven’t seen any of them!!!

  6. Those cows are too pretty for cowboys….

  7. I don’t think those are your real neighborhood cows. I believe you photo shopped them in like the rice krispy treats. Show us a picture with you in it, then I will believe….. :~)

  8. Holly, I’ll ask one of the other cows to take my picture next time.

    • You do that, then I will believe you. How now brown cow…..?

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